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Our Products

Faithfully Yours Collection

This classy collection is inspiring, as it includes thoughtful messages of faith.  These pieces are lined with encouragement and are a stylish way to share simple heartfelt messages of hope. The necklaces are high fashion gold plated design. 


Haute Stuff Collection

Every girl loves to have those must die for, trendy, pieces that make you look as if you stepped fresh out of a magazine.  This line features unique high fashion jewelry, crafted with the finest materials, sure to turn heads while you're having fun!


Leather Line Collection

This top-of-the-line leather collection is light as a feather and has one of our most treasured, sought-after,  jewelry pieces. It features edgy hand-made leather jewelry created with premium-grade, vegetable-tanned cowhide.  The earth-friendly, non-chemical, tanning process creates a soft buttery leather that only gets better as you wear, flaunt, and love it!