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Virtual Beauty Sessions

Live, one-on-one, beauty training sessions done by video chat. Our sessions are perfect for amateurs who want to develop a skillful beauty regimen, and also for salon professionals who want to tighten their skills and stay current with evolving trends and techniques. Virtual Beauty Sessions help to enhance creative thinking skills and provide personal/professional growth. Sessions are facilitated by highly skilled, award-winning, experts, who are trained and licensed as Master Cosmetologists.

Why choose one-on-one, live, virtual beauty training sessions instead of pre-recorded videos?

  • They offer step by step professional guidance

  • Gain clear and detailed instructions

  • Student makes fewer mistakes

  • Student gains more confidence

  • Student can ask questions and receive tips along the way

  • Trainer can see EXACTLY what is being done, and help make corrections during the process

  • An exciting chance to have a fun time perfecting personal and/or professional beauty skills

Who are Virtual Beauty Sessions for?

Amateur beauty enthusiasts (Amateur Sessions), and professional stylists (Pro-Sessions).


Amateur Sessions are for Anyone Who

  • Is interested in enhancing their basic hair, skin, or make-up skills

  • Wants to make their wig, weave, or unit look more natural

  • Are parents that dread taking their child to a salon

  • Doesn’t have time to sit in a salon all-day

  • Is a Hair enthusiast

  • Is a kitchen beautician who want to do it right

  • Serves as an Elderly caregiver

  • Is confined to their home

  • Wants to fix an unwanted hair disaster

  • Has not found a beauty professional they trust

  • Has absolutely no clue  

  • Wants to do it themselves and do it right!


Pro Sessions are for

Any student or professional who wants to:

  • Provide premium services to their clients

  • Gain more practice in perfecting their techniques

  • Learn how to cut like a master

  • Learn edgy and contemporary methods

  • Gain knowledge of hair care and the best product use

  • Become proficient in color formation, application

  • Create beautifully toned and blended color results using unique and creative techniques and skills with less time and greater efficiency

  • Master a thorough and skillful relaxing shampoo to promote blood circulation, scalp stimulation, and to de-stress clients.

  • Develop efficient step-by-step processes, which helps to make better use of their time. Thus creating more opportunities to grow clientele and increase income


Virtual Beauty Session Testimonials

“I decided to grow my hair out during a pandemic. Once it reached about 4 inches of new growth, I decided to do a big chop, all by self. It was not the greatest. Sherrell offered to do a virtual instruction session with me, and I’m so glad I took the offer. She is extremely patient, and professional. She was able to help me get that just-stepped-out -of-the-salon look!”

~Sirena W

During Covid-19 times, when no one wanted to venture out to salons to get their necessary hair care that we've grown accustomed to, my daughter and I found ourselves needing to take care of these necessities ourselves. Sherrell offered step-by-step professional guidance and instruction. Her experience, and professional technique, was everything we needed to make sure my daughter's hair was trimmed evenly...and it even had a little style to it. She was patient, assuring, and fun to work with! She gave clear and detailed instructions and assured me during the entire process.  I was proud of my work and my teenaged daughter said she would "let" me cut her hair again. I look forward to working with Sherrell again as I learned so much, gained confidence, and had a lot of fun! I highly recommend her to assist you with your styling needs and concerns.

~Bridgette B

"I completed a virtual beauty session with Sherrell, back in July, and it was great!  My daughter desperately needed her ends trimmed, and Sherrell suggested a virtual session.  She guided me step by step through the process and eased my fears along the way--I didn't want to jack my daughter's hair up! Her patience, positive affirmation, and professional guidance were wonderful!   She is truly "A Beautiful Anointing!!!"


~Keisha W

"Sherrell offered me a one-on-one training on how to trim my own hair! She called and stayed on the video calling app with me for over an hour. She has a beautiful spirit. With her training, I felt comfortable and at ease. A Beautiful Anointing is the perfect description of the experience I had with her. I was impressed when she offered a virtual class on how to trim hair, live on Facebook, that gave detailed tips on how to maintain our style, but I was even more grateful for the one-on-one session. I am looking forward to my next service where she will share her God-given talents with me!"

~Kenya C

How to Purchase Sessions

Sessions are purchased by the hour. Amateur Sessions are $55 per hour. Pro Sessions are $65 per hour, and all sessions must be purchased in advanced. Are refunded if client provides a 24 hour cancellation notice, if an emergency arises, if trainer is a no show or has to cancel has to cancel. Send an email request to schedule and purchase a session. 

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