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Beauty Care Boxes

What are Beauty Care Boxes?

A Customized box filled with premium brand, professional-grade, beauty products exclusively chosen for you, by a beauty expert, tailored to suit your individual needs. They pair perfectly with virtual beauty sessions and can be sold separately.

Beauty Care Boxes are Customized to accommodate your unique need. They are purchased by consultation only! Be sure to use the contact button at the bottom of the page for more information.

Our Beauty Care Boxes contain products typically used by professional estheticians, stylists, and cosmetologists.  They are not easily found in your everyday beauty supply store. A 15-minute phone, or video, consultation is included with the purchase of the Beauty Care Box. (Color Care Boxes are only sold with the purchase of The Flying Colors virtual beauty session). Since the Beauty Care Boxes are customized, the prices vary and are determined according to the types of products chosen for each individual client. 


Contains Repechage beauty products made with ingredients straight from the Sea. Our rich line of holistic facial products is dermatologist tested, made in the USA, and contains ingredients sourced from around the globe. They are formulated to nourish the skin with healthy nutrients designed to calm, soothe, heal, hydrate, brighten, and renew.


Products are available for every skin type; including, sensitive, dry and compromised, fine lines and wrinkles, oily, combination, aging, uneven, and skin with dark spots and hyperpigmentation.


Products contain holistic ingredients such as sustainably harvested seaweed, natural fruit acids, natural tea extracts, vitamins C, B3, Aloe, honey, almonds, Organic Cannabis, Sativa Seed Oil, powerful Mastic Oil from the Island of Chios, Greece, Camellia, Japonica Seed Oil from Japan, and a rich blend of natural oils and botanicals. Free from Parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil. Lanolin, PABA, and sulfates. 




Top-selling anti-aging line is recommended by plastic surgeons. Used to obtain younger, smoother-looking skin. It restores the appearance of youthfulness, tone, and vibrancy to the skin.  It provides firmness, adds plumpness, and visibly improves texture.  This collection includes a cleanser, toner, firming cream, serum, moisture complex, and mask. Can be sold separately or brought as a kit.


Hydra Dew.jpeg

For Dry Compromised Skin. Helps to strengthen, visibly restore, and renew the appearance of skin that has been compromised by pollution, UV light, micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, radiation, and chemotherapy.  It's created with exclusive skin comfort innovation to provide a barrier and enhanced support for the skin. This collection includes cleanser, mist, moisturizer, night cream, eye contour cream, facial oil, and elixir balm. Can be sold separately or brought as a kit.


Hydra 4.jpeg

Includes superior formulations specifically designed to neutralize the hyper-reactivity of sensitive skin. Whether the skin has been compromised by over-exfoliation, sun damage, or other free radical damage, it requires soothing, calming repair and protection.


This line contains Red out Cleanser, Red out Serum, Hydra 4 cleanser, Tonic, moisturizer, mask Can be sold separately or brought as a kit.


Hydra Blue Collection.jpeg

Specially formulated line of serums, mists, masks, and actives that target specialty areas like dark eyes, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and combination skin.  It’s a cell Renewal series developed to restore skin vitality and youthfulness.


Based upon the principles of exfoliation, hydration, and protection, these products help keep skin smooth and radiant.



Utilizing the latest in brightening science and innovative marine bio-technology, Repêchage® Biolight™ works to control the appearance of uneven tones, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation.

The Biolight collection works together to take a multi-dimensional approach to skin care through brightening and toning the appearance of the skin. Featuring the exclusive Laminaria Complex as well as the latest in brightening science, this revolutionary product line helps to uncover a more radiant, youthful complexion.


Hydra 4-Hydra 4-Red-Out-Flatlay.jpg

Other Collections includes:

  • Hydra Medic

  • Hydra Dew4

  • Opti Firm

  • T-zone

  • Perfect Skin Mineral Make-Up

*No need to feel overwhelmed or confused about the choices!  The products for Beauty Care Boxes are chosen, as recommended, by a beauty specialist according to your needs as discussed in your consultation. Don’t worry!



Premium Brand, Sulfate free, shampoo, conditioning, detangling, and moisturizing products for the hair and scalp. Infused with strengthening proteins like keratin and silk to repair, strengthen hair fibers, build, and promote healthy growing hair. Other ingredients; such as, Neem, Oregeno, Shikakai Extract, Amla Extract, Phytosterols, Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, Buriti Oil, Keratin and Fruit Extracts increase elasticity, and maintain the hair and scalp’s natural moisture levels 




Contains ammonia free and formaldehyde free, Premium Brand color that provides a protective barrier to the hair and does not damage the cells of the follicle.  It also includes color developer, 1 applicator bottle, 1 disposable cape, 1 pair of gloves, 1 protective neck strip, a small jar of protective base, and a rattail comb.


Please send an email to inquire about the purchase of a beauty box and to schedule a consultation.


*No need to feel overwhelmed or confused about the choices!  The products for Beauty Care Boxes are chosen, as recommended, by a beauty specialist according to your needs as discussed in your consultation. Don’t worry!


List of Premium Product brands used in the beauty boxes- Rephechage, Chi, Avlon, Joico


Beauty Care Box Testimonials

Sherrell was my hairdresser since 2002, that would be 18 years, and through she continues to help me with my hair care by doing beauty care virtually.  What a pleasant surprise when I received my goodie box of hair products for me to apply a color/rinse. In the box was the hair color, the volume developer, applicator bottle, base for hairline, gloves, comb and a cape. Everything I needed.

~Michelle P

I absolutely loved my Beauty Care Box. It was beautifully wrapped, and it contained everything I needed to color my hair. No detail was forgotten.  I even received a parting comb and a pair of sturdy gloves. The product was easy on my natural hair, I experienced no dry brittle hair after using it, and in fact, I can say this product has given my hair an overall healthy and shiny look. I’m very pleased with both the service and the products.


~Catherine T

Ready to Customize your Beauty Care Box?

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