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Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs step in their greatness.

Grab your keys for success, and let's grow!


ABA Keys 4 Business Success


ABA is committed to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs awaken their vision and breathe life into the business they’ve always dreamed of.  We promise to listen to the needs of every client, with respect, wisdom, and passion as we help to guide them through cycles of growth and success. 



To make a global impact by empowering more successful small business owners to invest their resources into the environmental, political, social, and economical health of our nation. Promoting growth and sustainability that carries influence across the borders.


Whether an aspiring business owner, new business venture, or an existing business, it is important for entrepreneurs to be able to understand and communicate the business they want own.  We offer strategic business planning, thorough market research, creative brand communication, unique value-creating strategies, and effective growth and development tools to help your business reach beyond its full potential!

Offering-one-on-one virtual consulting and training sessions for existing and aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business Plan Development
  • consult, guide, advise, and assist clients, who seek to obtain financing, with the development of an entire business plan, from start to finish, or portions thereof.

  • assist clients who are self-financing their own business in developing a business plan to have a comprehensive understanding of their business, to gain clear direction on where to take the business and how to get there, and to own a well written, documented template of their vision brought to life.

  • creation of business plan for client

Business Analysis
  • analyze business

  • identify strengths and weaknesses

  • identify potential challenges that may lie ahead

  • identify opportunities to grow the business

  • develop solutions for problems that arise in the business

  • advise new strategies to capitalize on opportunities

  • make technical and financial recommendations and referrals necessary

Value Creation
  • implement strategies to understand customer needs

  • survey development, implementation, and analysis

  • create solutions to meet customer needs

  • help create mission and vision statement for the business

  • help create long range plans

  • create business strategy ( how the business will appeal to customers and go about gaining them)

  • create marketing plan

  • develop quality content

  • plan marketing events

  • create and monitor social media pages to cultivate a following and promote customer loyalty

  • use social media to create customer engagement

  • recommend all marketing activity,

  • accept additional payment for outside functions (web, logo, business cards, etc), and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Business growth and development fee is $75 per hour, and may include, but is not limited to the services listed above. ABA will provide any business activity within the realm of expertise and willingness to learn. This can be discussed.

  • Hours purchased may not exceed 20 hours per week.

  • At least 2 hours per week is recommended to perform basic level growth strategies.

  • Hours may be purchased weekly, biweekly, or monthly

  • Payment is due in advance, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, before the expected workweek or month is to begin.

  • The hourly fee does not include functions that have to be outsourced.

Recommendations for outside jobs will be made via email, along with a quote, and receipt to follow purchase. 

How Does The Process Work?
  1. Decide to hire ABA keys 4 business success

  2. Highlight the services you think would benefit your business. If you are unclear, we will provide recommendations based on the phone consultation.

  3. Email the number of hours you desire to purchase, indicating whether the time is for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly purchase. Include the list of highlighted services that are of interest.

  4. I will respond to your email with an invoice.

  5. Pay the invoice

  6. Once payment is made, a “let’s get started” questionnaire will be emailed to you,

  7. along with a suggested appointment date and time  

  8. Confirm appointment by responding to the email

  9. Complete questionnaire in advance of the consultation.

  10. Following the confirmed appointment, we will chat, and discuss how your business can step into greatness, now grab your keys 4 success and let’s grow. 

*Appointments should be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a fee.

*Appointments canceled in less than 24 hours may be rescheduled within 4 business days to avoid the cancellation fee.

*Refunds are given, by request, for appointments cancelled 24 hours, or more, in advance.

* If client fails to be available, or misses their scheduled appointment completely, without contacting ABA to either follow up, or cancel within the day, then payment is forfeited and non-refundable.

*If customer fails to provide necessary content, and information needed for ABA to move forward with rendering services during a reasonable amount of time, then payment is forfeited and non-refundable. 


* If ABA is unable to provide services, by fault of ABA, within the agreed time of the hours purchased, then a full refund of the unused hours will be paid back.


ABA - for Small business Owners and Entrepreneurs Testimonials

I wanted to upgrade my business from ordinary to extraordinary, but I was lost. I had no clue where to begin. I called the most creative person I know! Sherrell helped me to organize my ideas and write a business plan.  She also encouraged me to apply for outside funding. What a life saver! Her excitement, knowledge, and passion rubbed off on me. I am now the proud owner of an extraordinary mobile nail service business. Thanks, Sherrell

Sherrell has been a blessing to my fading 30-yr old business that needs a marketing facelift. Her knowledge, alongside her passion and assertiveness, has made my marketing journey a success. Sherrell is a true visionary. Thank you for bringing new life into my business.

~A. Edward Eaton

 Owner, Blues Barbershop & Salon

~Tracey W.

  Magik Hands

As a kid it was difficult for me to express my thoughts and feelings. As I matured and made my own decision to build my own brand, I needed assistance to effectively communicate who I was as a professional, also to be able to compete with other strong brands. I reached out to Sherrell, and she was able to take my ideas and communicate them into a thriving brand by utilizing modern techniques to help set my brand apart from the rest! Through this process, she taught me a brand is not just a logo, a set of cards, and a website, but it’s an entire experience.  Sherrell also showed she cared and believed in my vision by the amount of attention she provided to help bring it all together.


~Bamm Washington

  CEO, BammBu MusicWorks

Sherrell has great tenacity for business. I watched how she developed and trained salon professionals while owning a salon and spa and how she worked tirelessly to cultivate a healthy and collaborative environment. She was the perfect person to consult with me when I began developing my own business. She taught me to identify each client’s need and customize their experience according to each individual. She helped me consider ideas I never thought of before. Like the message I wanted my business to convey to customers, and how to best communicate the message through my image, marketing strategies, and reputation. Because of her, I developed a strong clientele and a level of professionalism that is always a step above. Her wisdom is an inspiration! Love her

~M. Chance

  Owner, Mindful Beauty by Nique

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