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Amateur Virtual Beauty Sessions

How do you know our services are for you?


  • When you look at all products on the shelf and scream, because you don't know where to begin.

  • When you’ve tried everything, but the kitchen sink, and still can’t get the right recipe for your hair/skin. It just doesn’t look, feel, or act right no matter what you do.

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Some people fear going to the salon and meeting a scissor happy, crazy cutting, hairstylist, but regular trims are essential for healthy hair to shine, and look better when it's curled and styled.


This session is designed to help clients look their best by getting rid of split, damaged, overgrown, and unhealthy hair. You’ll learn how to trim only what’s needed, and what you feel comfortable with.


We can help you get that simple cute style in the magazine you’ve been eyeballing, fix your messed-up cut, add some layers, cut your favorite bob, or add some bangs. We are here to help you get it done right!  


Hair Cut Session


(only offered to customers who purchased a Beauty Care Box and are using the customized products from their box.)

Fix that horrible color mishap that has you hiding in shame! Lighten a little, darken a little, or color those stubborn grays.  A color specialist will guide you through the process of selecting the right color for your complexion, your hair, and your taste!


Our formaldehyde-free and ammonia-free products do not damage or interfere with chemically treated hair. Receive direction with one step color applications, re-touches, full head application, color correction, and color toning (evenly color, unwanted and overly brightened yellow-orange, red, and multicolored hair tones).


Hair Coloring Session

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Have you been struggling to get that fresh out of the salon, look, but just can’t seem to get it right! Does your hair look better in a ponytail rather than styled by you? Are you going to a special occasion and want to look your best without spending all day in the salon?


  • Book this session to learn how to flat-iron with ease for a smoother, silkier, straighter look.

  • Learn how to roller set for bouncing behaving curls

  • Learn how to get the Perfect Pin-Up for that very special occasion


Basic Hair Styling Session

Prodcut Wise.jpeg

This session includes reviewing your beauty needs, challenges, and goals. It also includes a discussion about your product use, their ingredients, and how diet can affect how you look and feel.


  • We’ll recommend the best products and brands for your needs; including your budget, hair/skin type, texture, and challenges.

  • Learn why your hair/skin acts the way it does and the best methods to achieve healthy, vibrant, and nourished results without the use of weighty, sticky, drying, watered down, and chemically saturated products.

  • We’ll help you choose the right foundation for your complexion, and select the appropriate make-up choices to help you achieve a smooth, vibrant, youthful glow your skin will love.


Product Consult Session

  • Learn how to freshen your look with quick and easy make-up tips to improve your personal and professional image all while still resembling yourself!

  • Learn how to highlight your best facial features using make-up

  • How to use color to create new and unique looks

  • How to use makeup to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, bags, dark circles, moles, blemishes, and laugh lines


Make Up Session

Skin in the game2.png
  • How to give the best facial, you’ve ever had, right at home

  • How to develop the best Skin Care Regimen for your skin to achieve a balanced, even-toned, moisturized, and healthy glow

  • How to improve problem skin using products that nourish, heal restore, and rejuvenate


Skincare Session

How to Purchase Sessions

Sessions are purchased by the hour. Amateur Sessions are $55 per hour. Pro Sessions are $65 per hour, and all sessions must be purchased in advanced. Are refunded if client provides a 24 hour cancellation notice, if an emergency arises, if trainer is a no show or has to cancel has to cancel. Send an email request to schedule and purchase a session. 

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