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Virtual Beauty Sessions

Live, one-on-one, beauty training sessions done by video chat. Our sessions are perfect for amateurs who want to develop a skillful beauty regimen, and also for salon professionals who want to tighten their skills and stay current with evolving trends and techniques. Virtual Beauty Sessions help to enhance creative thinking skills and provide personal/professional growth. Sessions are facilitated by highly skilled, award-winning, experts, who are trained and licensed as Master Cosmetologists.

Why choose one-on-one, live, virtual beauty training sessions instead of pre-recorded videos?

  • They offer step by step professional guidance

  • Gain clear and detailed instructions

  • Student makes fewer mistakes

  • Student gains more confidence

  • Student can ask questions and receive tips along the way

  • Trainer can see EXACTLY what is being done, and help make corrections during the process

  • An exciting chance to have a fun time perfecting personal and/or professional beauty skills

Who are Virtual Beauty Sessions for?

Amateur beauty enthusiasts (Amateur Sessions), and professional stylists (Pro-Sessions).


Amateur Sessions are for

  • Anyone interested in enhancing their basic hair, skin, or make-up skills

  • Anyone who wants to make their wig, weave, or unit look more natural

  • Parents who dread taking their child to a salon

  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to sit in a salon all day

  • Hair enthusiasts

  • Kitchen beauticians who want to do it right

  • Elderly caregivers

  • Anyone confined to their home

  • Anyone wanting to fix an unwanted hair disaster

  • Anyone who has not found a beauty professional they trust

  • Anyone who has absolutely no clue  

  • Anyone who wants to do it themselves and do it right!


Session choices include:

  • Hair Trimming/basic cut

  • Basic one step color application, re-touch and full head color (only offered to customers who purchase our customized  Beauty Care Box)

  • basic hair styling session

  • product consultation

  • techniques for a natural make-up application

  • facials at home (only offered customers who purchase (skin products in their Beauty Care Box) 

  • Skin Care Regimen

Amateur Sessions Include:

TIP TOP SHAPE - Hair Cut Session

Some people fear going to the salon and meeting a scissor happy, crazy cutting, hairstylist, but regular trims are essential for healthy hair to shine, and look better when it's curled and styled.


This session is designed to help clients look their best by getting rid of split, damaged, overgrown, and unhealthy hair. You’ll learn how to trim only what’s needed, and what you feel comfortable with.


We can help you get that simple cute style in the magazine you’ve been eyeballing, fix your messed-up cut, add some layers, cut your favorite bob, or add some bangs. We are here to help you get it done right!      


FLYING COLORS - Hair Coloring Session

(only offered to customers who purchased a Beauty Care Box and are using the customized products from their box.)

Fix that horrible color mishap that has you hiding in shame! Lighten a little, brighten a little, darken a little, or color those stubborn grays with the help of a color specialist to guide you through the process of selecting the right color for your complexion, your hair, and your taste! All while finally getting the color you need without sacrificing the health of your hair. Our formaldehyde-free and ammonia-free products do not damage or interfere with chemically treated hair. Receive direction with one step color applications, re-touches, full head application, color correction, and color toning (evenly color, unwanted and overly brightened yellow-orange, red, and multicolored hair tones)


BASICALLY, BEAUTIFUL - Basic Hair Styling Session

Have you been struggling to get that fresh out of the salon, look, but just can’t seem to get it right! Does your hair look better in a ponytail rather than styled by you? Are you going to a special occasion and want to look your best without spending all day in the salon?


  • Book this session to learn how to flat-iron with ease for a smoother, silkier, straighter look.

  • Learn how to roller set for bouncing behaving curls

  • Learn how to get the Perfect Pin-Up for that very special occasion


PRETTY WISE - Product Consult Session

This session includes reviewing your beauty needs, challenges, and goals. It also includes a discussion about your product use, their ingredients, and how diet can affect how you look and feel.


  • We’ll recommend the best products and brands for your needs; including your budget, hair/skin type, texture, and challenges.

  • Learn why your hair/skin acts the way it does and the best methods to achieve healthy, vibrant, and nourished results without the use of weighty, sticky, drying, watered down, and chemically saturated products

  • We’ll help you choose the right foundation for your complexion, and select the appropriate make-up choices to help you achieve a smooth, vibrant, youthful glow your skin will love.


Make Me Over - Make-Up Sessions


  • Learn how to freshen your look with quick and easy make-up tips to improve your personal and professional image all while still resembling yourself!

  • Learn how to highlight your best facial features using make-up

  • How to use color to create new and unique looks

  • How to use makeup to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, bags, dark circles, moles, blemishes, and laugh lines


Skin in the Game - Skincare Sessions

  • How to give the best facial, you’ve ever had, right at home

  • How to develop the best Skin Care Regimen for your skin to achieve a balanced, even-toned, moisturized, and healthy glow

  • How to improve problem skin using products that nourish, heal restore, and rejuvenate

Congratulations Sherrell-120.jpg

Pro Sessions are

  • Exclusive, one-on-one, virtual training sessions for licensed professional cosmetologists, estheticians, hairstylists, make-up artists, apprentices, or beauty students


  • must provide a valid State license number

  • must provide beauty school and proof of current registration

  • must supply required tools necessary for training


Who are Pro Sessions for?

Any student or professional who

  • wants to provide premium services to their clients

  • who wants to gain more practice in perfecting their techniques

  • wants to learn how to cut like a master

  • who wants to learn edgy and contemporary methods

  • who wants to gain knowledge of hair care and the best product use

  • who wants to become proficient in color formation, application

  • who wants to create beautifully toned and blended color results using unique and creative techniques and skills with less time and greater efficiency

  • to master a thorough and skillful relaxing shampoo to promote blood circulation, scalp stimulation, and to de-stress clients.

  • who want to develop efficient step-by-step processes, which helps to make better use of their time. Thus creating more opportunities to grow clientele and increase income 

Why go Pro?

  • make yourself more marketable in a competitive workplace experience professional growth

  • keep your knowledge current

  • experience personal growth

  • increase value of your services and professional worth

  • increase customer loyalty and keep clients coming back

  • increase confidence and ability to meet a variety of beauty needs

Pro Sessions Include:

Supple and Soft- Pro-Skin Session

  • Ultimate skincare lesson teaches effective techniques to help clients achieve smooth, hydrated, and refreshed skin

  • Trains the proper use of tools and products that are necessary for top-notched results

  • encourages a holistic approach to skincare and teaches the benefits of such methods

  • encourages customer loyalty to keep clients coming back for more    


Make No Mistake - Pro-Make-Up Session

  • helps artists fine-tune their make-up technique

  • teaches sure methods in selecting the appropriate

  • foundation colors, shadow combinations, and lipstick

  • colors best suited for their client’s complexion, skin type, texture, style, and occasion

  • teaches effective blending techniques to reflect a balanced natural look


The Stylish Stylist - Pro-Hairstyling Session

  • teaches effective hairstyling techniques that produce finished, professional, and stylish results

  • helps stylists separate themselves from ordinary to extraordinary by producing hairstyles that are difficult to be replicated

  • helps students develop creative ways to produce


Make the Cut - Pro-Haircutting session   

  • helps stylist develop precise cutting methods that offer contemporary, trendy, and unique hairstyles

  • teaches effective blending techniques to ensure high quality haircuts designed to promote a healthy, full, and thriving head of hair, or for a more natural and stylish looking wig, unit, or weave.

Color Me Bad

This session teaches the art and science behind hair coloring that can take many years for a stylist to master. Without proper training, many stylists find it difficult to adequately meet their client’s needs. Understanding the needs of your client, choosing the right color, blending, toning, and performing multi-step color processes are important functions to be able to master to be a successful colorist.

This session is taught by a color specialist who provides detailed instructions and intricate steps of how to achieve optimal results while maintaining a healthy head of hair. 

Once mastered, professional value, clientele, customer loyalty, and revenue will surely increase. 


Nail It - Pro Manicure session

  • this session is designed to help perfect and enhance basic manicuring techniques.

  • Teaches the art of shaping, polishing with a smooth even finish, safe, quick, and efficient nail cutting techniques, and how to upgrade the quality of services to increase revenue.

  • will help manicurist increase clientele and sustain a loyal

  • following by offering clients a remarkable experience                      


Relax, Relate, Release - Pro-massage Techniques for Scalp, Facial, Hand, or F4oot

  • teaches relaxing, healing, and soothing massage techniques as an enhancement or add on to beauty services

  • teaches the holistic benefits of massage therapy as an add on service done in conjunction with hair treatments, facials, manicures, and pedicures


How to Purchase Sessions

Sessions are purchased by the hour. Amateur Sessions are $55 per hour. Pro Sessions are $65 per hour, and all sessions must be purchased in advanced. Are refunded if client provides a 24 hour cancellation notice, if an emergency arises, if trainer is a no show or has to cancel has to cancel. Send an email request to schedule and purchase a session. 

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