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Virtual Beauty Session Testimonials

“I decided to grow my hair out during a pandemic. Once it reached about 4 inches of new growth, I decided to do a big chop, all by self. It was not the greatest. Sherrell offered to do a virtual instruction session with me, and I’m so glad I took the offer. She is extremely patient, and professional. She was able to help me get that just-stepped-out -of-the-salon look!”

~Sirena W

During Covid-19 times, when no one wanted to venture out to salons to get their necessary hair care that we've grown accustomed to, my daughter and I found ourselves needing to take care of these necessities ourselves. Sherrell offered step-by-step professional guidance and instruction. Her experience, and professional technique, was everything we needed to make sure my daughter's hair was trimmed evenly...and it even had a little style to it. She was patient, assuring, and fun to work with! She gave clear and detailed instructions and assured me during the entire process.  I was proud of my work and my teenaged daughter said she would "let" me cut her hair again. I look forward to working with Sherrell again as I learned so much, gained confidence, and had a lot of fun! I highly recommend her to assist you with your styling needs and concerns.


~Bridgette B

"I completed a virtual beauty session with Sherrell, back in July, and it was great!  My daughter desperately needed her ends trimmed, and Sherrell suggested a virtual session.  She guided me step by step through the process and eased my fears along the way--I didn't want to jack my daughter's hair up! Her patience, positive affirmation, and professional guidance were wonderful!   She is truly "A Beautiful Anointing!!!"


~Keisha W

Sherrell offered me a one-on-one training on how to trim my own hair! She called and stayed on the video calling app with me for over an hour. She has a beautiful spirit. With her training I felt comfortable and at ease. A Beautiful Anointing is the perfect description of the experience I had with her. I was impressed when she offered a virtual class on how to trim hair, live on Facebook, that gave detailed tips on how to maintain our style, but I was even more grateful for the one-on-one session. I am looking forward to my next service where she will share her God-given talents with me!

~Kenya C

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