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Virtual Beauty Sessions

Live, one-on-one, virtual training beauty sessions guided by an experienced Master Professional Cosmetologist, who is trained and licensed to educate, will help clients perfect their own personal beauty skills.


Also provide, one-on-one, virtual cosmetology training and education, for salon professionals to further develop their skill set. Training will be provided by a skilled and seasoned Master Cosmetologist, trained and licensed to educate in the field of cosmetology.  Sessions will help them stay current with evolving trends and techniques. They will enhance their creative thinking and provide additional opportunities for growth.

Why choose one-on-one, live, virtual video sessions as opposed to pre-recorded videos?


  • Step-by-step professional guidance

  • Clear and detailed instructions

  • Make less mistakes

  • Gain more confidence

  • You can ask questions and receive tips along the way

  • Trainer can see EXACTLY what is being done and help make corrections

  • To have a fun time perfecting personal beauty skills.      

Who are Virtual Beauty Sessions for?

Both amateur beauty interests (Amateur Sessions), and professional stylists (Pro-Sessions).


Amateur Sessions are for

  • Anyone interested in enhancing their basic hair, skin, or make-up skills

  • Anyone who wants to make a wig, weave, or unit look more  natural, and frame their face better

  • Parents who dread taking their child to the salon

  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to sit in a salon all day

  • Hair enthusiasts

  • Kitchen beauticians

  • Elderly care-givers

  • Anyone confined to their home


Session choices include:

  • Hair Trimming/basic cut

  • Basic one step color application, re-touch and full head color (only offered to customers who purchase our customized  Beauty Care Box)

  • basic hair styling session

  • product consultation

  • techniques for a natural make-up application

  • facials at home (only offered customers who purchase (skin products in their Beauty Care Box) 

  • Skin Care Regimen


Pro Sessions are

  • Exclusive one-on-one live training sessions for licensed professional cosmetologists, apprentices, or beauty students


  • must provide valid State license number

  • must provide beauty school and proof of current registration

  • must supply required tools necessary for training


Who are Pro Sessions for?

  • professional hair stylists, estheticians, make-up artists, manicurists or students in either field who:

    • want to provide premium services to their clients

    • who want to gain more practice perfecting their techniques

    • want to learn how to cut like a master

    • who want to learn edgy and contemporary methods

    • who want to gain knowledge of  hair care and the best product use

    • who want to become proficient in color formation, application,

    • who want to create beautifully toned and blended color results using unique techniques and skills

    • to master a thorough and skillful relaxing shampoo to promote blood circulation, scalp stimulation, and to help clients                                                            

    • who want to develop efficient step by step processes, which helps to make better use of their time. Thus creating more opportunities to grow clientele and increase income  

Why go Pro?

  • make yourself more marketable in a competitive workplace

  • experience professional growth

  • keep your knowledge current

  • experience personal growth

  • increase value of your services and professional worth

  • increase customer loyalty and keep clients coming back


What kind of sessions are available?


Skin Care, Hair Care, Product Recommendation, Make-Up Application, Hair Styling, Hair Cutting


Pro Sessions

Skin Care, Hair Care, Product Recommendation, Make-Up Application, Hair Styling, Hair Cutting, basic manicuring, facial, hand, scalp, and foot massage techniques


How to Purchase Sessions
Sessions are purchased by the hour. Amateur Sessions are $55 Pro Sessions are $65 per hour and must be purchased in advanced. Send an email request to schedule and purchase a session. 


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